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Red Vermouth

18.00 incl. IVA

Classic, round and smooth. Savory, structured and rich in aromas and fragrances both on the nose and the palate.

It has a typical bittersweet taste, with a predominance of coriander, rhubarb, gentian and the unmissable absinthe.

What distinguishes our traditional Vermut Rosso is the touch of wild cherry which gives sweetness and the pink pepper that, together with the tangerine zest, confers a slight pungent and citrus note.

The use of Barbera d’Asti, which has a very persistent taste, creates an elegant and versatile mix.

For those who prefer to taste the Vermut straight, we suggest to enrich it with orange zest and ice cubes, while in mixology you can indulge in various cocktails, such as a marvelous Negroni Sbagliato or an Americano.



Category: aromatized wine
Ingredients: red wine, Barbera d’Asti from Calosso (CN), alcool, infusion of herbs and spices, sugar
Production method: hydroalcoholic infusion
Color: orange red
Serving temperature: 5°- 8°
Capacity: 500 ml
Alcohol content: 18% vol.

The vineyard

Grape: 100% barbera
Soil: a medium mixture of clayey loam soil
Exposure: east west
Cultivation system: guyot
Year of implantation: 1972
Harvest date: 28 September
Type of harvest: manual into crates


Method: traditional with manual punching and pumping over
Temperature: 26 °C spontaneous and not thermo-conditioned
Duration: 10 days
Malolactic: yes
Aging: yes
Age of the barrels: 4 years
Type of barrel: barrique
Type of wood: French oak
Roasting level: medium
Wooden time: 8 months
Minimum time in bottle: 9 months

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